curtain panel with ruffle | heavy linen dusty blue


Dusty blue curtain with a frill made of heavy linen fabric (280 g/m2). Unlike our light and airy linen curtains made of medium weight fabric, heavy linen curtains block the sunlight better, make the room darker, and provide more privacy. Due to the higher weight of the linen fabric, heavy linen curtains are extremely solid. Moreover, during the cold months, they provide additional protection against cool air from the outside. The curtains have a softly draped, decorative frill.


Width: 140 cm – different widths available on request

Length of the frill: 45 cm (included in the curtain’s length)

Heading type: at choice

– the tape band is included in the length
– the rod pocket is included in the length
– the decorative header is not included in the length, it is an extra element

Shrinkage: Stonewashed linen is a preshrunk fabric. When you pay attention to the laundry instructions added to the curtains, the possible shrinkage is around 3-5%. However, due to the fact that all washing machines are different, we do not recommend ordering curtains with 1 cm accuracy. We always suggest adding around 10 cm to the length of the curtain.

Price for 1 panel.