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Henry Louis Mencken – an American journalist – has written that every problem has its simple solution. At So Linen! we also believe that these are the simplest and the most obvious forms that stay true to classic. Classic that always remains immortal and beyond other trends. We wished to offer such classic possibilities referring to minimalism and forms known to our grandparents, therefore we have created tab top linen curtains.
Free-falling fabric, no additional decorations, coils or frills refer to the beauty of simplicity – a tribute to nature itself. Large linen loops, threaded onto a wooden or metal rod allow not to use pegs or pins. This classic form and simple concept has delighted a huge number of our customers, thus becoming a universal and much-loved bestseller.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Due to the upcoming intense holiday season, please do not leave shopping until the last moment. ♡

As with all our curtains - these are also distinguished by their softness, slightly wrinkled texture and various shades. The two available weights combine extreme qualities: lightness, thanks to which the curtain moves under the gentle gusts of wind, and protection - both from the sight of neighbors and from the rays of sun trying to wake us up in the early morning. Semi-transparency is an ideal solution for minimalistic interiors, where heavy, artificial fabrics may overwhelm our arrangement, visually diminishing our living room or bedroom. Therefore this lightness of linen - inspired by boho style and pure nature - is the biggest advantage of our tab top curtains, distinguishing them from other propositions available on the market. Their simple form, lightness of finishing and universality work perfectly with wicker baskets, bouquets of fresh flowers, bright linen bedspread and wooden floor. Light shades such as pure white or true grey will emphasize the softness of your interior. Charcoal will give it some bold touch and dusty pink will bring some sweet, innocent, romantic atmosphere.