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The saying “the devil is in the details” is particularly apt in the context of arranging our interiors. We believe that these are those small, inconspicuous accents that emphasize the style and add variety to our living room or bedroom. To create our dream cozy place, we carefully select textiles such as colorful pillowcases, buy fresh flowers in glass vases and marble trays on which soy candles stand proudly. Our tie backs can also be among these small details that create your unique space.Our tie backs are made of 100% linen with a thread count of 285 g/m2. This makes them stand out for their solidity and impressive massiveness as for linen. It is thanks to these features that the tie backs hold the fabric in any place you choose, gathering the curtains in an aesthetic and controlled manner. By fastening them together and arranging them in the form of a semicircle, we can subtly uncover the windows, allowing a selected amount of sunlight into the interior. An alternative to tie backs are curtain belts, which can be tied in any way you like – either creating an aesthetic bow or a nautical knot.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Durable, raw in their finishing and referring to the beauty of natural fabrics - these are our functional tie backs for curtains. In So Linen! you'll find them in a variety of colors - from natural to delicately dyed - so they'll complement our linen curtains you've bought. For the lovers of classic we suggest to match the tie backs with the shade of the chosen curtains. This consistency will make the tie backs almost invisible, meeting the requirements of minimalistic decor. For those who prefer contrasts and eclecticism we advise playing with colors - after all, a slightly darker or lighter tie back will enrich our window arrangement - especially when we deal with minimalistic designs - such as tab top curtains or rod pocket curtains. The maintenance of our tie backs and belts is the same as of our other linen products. They can be washed, dried in open air and ironed for a slightly stiffer and less drapey texture. However, we believe that this distinctive, slightly crinkled texture is the perfect complement to all our curtains, becoming their indispensable companion.