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Linen napkins are unassuming, subtle accessories that go perfectly with a linen tablecloth or linen table runner. Their raw, rustic form is perfect for both classic, casual table settings and romantic dinners and family celebrations. We believe that this is a great addition to a glass platter, where cupcakes and a cheesecake with crumble reign supreme, or your favorite tableware, received from your grandmother. Their design was created for all special and everyday occasions, and the different colors make for a subtle decoration of the most delicious dishes. Linen napkins and placemats highlight their shape, design, and color.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

In addition, placemats, perfectly protect our table and tablecloth from stains from sauce and tea. Those in white or natural color go perfectly with hand-painted porcelain, inspired by the Victorian style. They also complement wonderfully with wooden or wicker baskets that hold fresh bread or juicy fruit. The shade of charcoal or true gray perfectly conquers bright, classic and elegant tableware. No wonder they are the ones you choose most often for a Christmas dinner, a wedding celebration or a Scandinavian-inspired arrangement. The dusty pink shade is a tribute to classic French breakfasts. They are the ones that combine a bit of romantic and feminine style, perfectly complementing crystal or clay decorations. All of our linen table placemats are made of 100%, eco-friendly linen. Their reference to nature and durable weave allows them to withstand high temperatures, frequent washing and many, shared meals. The natural, subtle creasing - a defining feature of linen fabric - can be left untouched or ironed, adding a touch of elegance. Isn't that perfect?