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Rod pocket curtains are one of the most classic, versatile, and popular forms. Their lightweight and minimalist design wraps the windows, while the delicate weave lets in the subtle, somewhat romantic sunlight. Both thinner and thicker weights feature a creased texture that sets linen apart from other popular fabrics.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

It's this "creased" effect that is worth loving - after all, it's a feature that ensures that pure, 100% linen is used in production. The strands of material threaded on the curtain rod freely surround and mask it. This effect not only optically lengthens the room, but also accentuates the material itself, making it the main decoration of the interior. There's no denying that linen curtains with a rod pocket - mainly through their simple form and versatility - are an extremely graceful way to bring pure, natural beauty to interiors. The flowy, air-permeable, gently creased form of curtains with a rod pocket perfectly emphasizes the uniqueness of linen. To create them we use 100%, certified and ecological fabric, which does not lose its valuable properties during sewing. As a result, we get curtains that fall loosely to the floor, which do not weigh down the interior, regulate the temperature and make for an extremely aesthetic spot in the living room or bedroom. It is thanks to them that our room remains illuminated, while protecting us from the sight of nosy neighbors. In addition to durability, non-electrifying and thermoregulatory ability, our linen rod pocket curtains are distinguished by the beauty of their natural colors. In their production, we do not use allergy-causing dyes and banned azo dyes. This means that the products support ecological solutions and are compatible with the requirements of atopic and sensitive skin. As a result, thanks to the prepared variety, we decorate a romantic bedroom, a modern living room, the room of a princess-to-be or a loft office, where raw shapes and heavy ebony wood reign supreme.