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“Oh, it wasn’t such an ordinary tablecloth. Mother only used it on Christmas Eve. She wove it herself, sewed it, with the intention that it was only for Christmas Eve. And everyone knew how much care that tablecloth cost his mother. She sowed the linen herself, on the best piece of land”, Wiesław Myśliwski wrote in his novel, thus expressing how important and dignified linen is in its texture. Every hostess and culinary enthusiast know how important the table decoration is. It is with an elegant tableware that we receive our closest family and friends, serving them the most exquisite showpiece dishes. We believe that linen tablecloths accompanying such gatherings go perfectly with crystal platters, classic glasses and freshly cut flowers looking proudly from a tall vase. To add variety to common breakfasts, family feasts and dinners with friends, we have prepared an offer full of beautiful tablecloths.



OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).



thicker, more solid


airy, delicate

Our classic linen tablecloths allude to minimalistic classic. They are the ones we choose when we want to create a boho style arrangement or when we arrange a wedding reception. An alternative to this proposition are linen tablecloths with a frill. Their form reminds of Disney fairytale decorations, alluding tea parties straight from "Alice in the Wonderland". Girlish and light frills are also chosen for casual celebrations, where sweet cupcakes with icing, linen napkins, wild flowers and china modelled on Rosenthal appear on the table. Minimalistic classic or rich English ruffles, they are all created from 100% linen. Their durability allows for frequent washing and fight with stains - e.g. from spilled juice or crunchy fruit crumble. The fabric does not electrify and has characteristic soft texture thanks to which linen tablecloths hang from the table softly and freely. This precious and much-loved softness goes hand in hand with very simple and low-maintenance care. Selected, beautiful colors and an eco-friendly design make our linen tablecloths accompany you during many annual celebrations and special occasions. The awareness that our products can witness those beautiful family moments, deep conversations and joyful meetings is our greatest reward.