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Muslin is a very thin fabric made of silk, cotton or linen. A legend says that it’s name derives from a city of Mosul, located west from Bagdad. After its discovery in the 17th century, France was the first to fall in love with this material. They’ve seen the great potential of this extremely gentle fabric. Smooth weave and almost transparent form was related to femineity. After introducing muslin to Europe it became popular very fast. Those transparency, romance and airiness were perfect inspiration for creating muslin curtains.
They let the subtle sunlight in gently refracting sun rays and transforming them into warm, pleasant decoration. Their romantic form is just perfect for bright interiors alluding English mansions and seaside apartments filled with scent of salty brise. When hanged alone, they don’t dominate the interior, perfectly matching bright bedding, fresh flowers and rattan furniture. In addition, when composed with linen curtains they gain elegancy and body.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Muslin curtains are softly creased, which emphasizes their naturalness and gentleness. It is this characteristic texture that constitutes their uniqueness and is so admired by those who love interiors in English, Provencal or boho styles. Considering different expectations we have designed rod pocket muslin curtains (they will hang freely on a wooden or metal rod), and muslin curtains with tape. This second type will add some modern touch to your window decoration. Our muslin curtains, similarly to our other linen products, are very durable, resistant to external factors, airy and extra soft. This delicacy makes us think about gentle laces, which in some way is a proof of the highest, prestigious quality.