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The linen crib organizers are a natural and practical addition to your child’s room. The linen crib organizers are sewn from natural stonewashed linen with increased weight and reinforced with fiseline to keep it in good shape. The organizer has three spacious bags. The largest bag is for storing diapers, while the two smaller ones can fit favorite rattles or a supply of pacifiers for the toddler. Each bag is provided with a rubber band, which additionally protects the items from falling out. The organizer has ties that allow it to be mounted on the rungs of the crib. The length of the ties has been chosen so that the decorative bows can be tied. The linen organizer can be attached to both the long and the short side of the crib. We recommend attaching the organizer to the side of the crib that is closer to the changing table.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

The organizer can be ordered in the same or contrasting color to the linen crib bedding that we recommend due to the natural properties of the linen for infants. Such a set is also a sensational gift idea for a baby party. Gifted parents will appreciate the natural properties of the linen fabric – its anti-allergic, breathable and antistatic effect, making products made from 100% linen dust-free. The linen-crib organizer is very easy to clean and can be easily washed in the household washing machine. A delicate detergent specially designed for toddlers and a low spinning effect is sufficient. Thanks to the high durability of the linen fabric, the organizer will certainly serve many toddlers, so you can pass it on to a pregnant friend when the baby gets older.