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Delicate, soft, pleasantly cooling in the summer and wrapping in the winter – this is what the linen duvet cover is, which was made for peaceful, undisturbed sleep, evening movie sessions, breakfasts in bed, and lazy weekends, during which we do not want to stick our noses out of the corner of the bed. The linen fabric from which the linen duvet cover was sewn allows the skin to breathe, providing comfort all year round.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

When sewing each duvet cover, we take into account the requirements of the natural linen fabric. Moreover, taking advantage of its uniqueness, we support natural solutions while appreciating the beauty and properties that our planet has gifted us. Each linen duvet cover sewn by us exhibits thermoregulatory properties, so that the comforter warms us during cold evenings and cools us pleasantly when we struggle with the blazing heat from the sky outside the window. To complete the set, simply choose linen pillowcases, linen sheets or bedspreads sewn from natural linen. The resilience of the linen fabric allows frequent washing in our favorite lavender wash. This resilience also allows us to hang the pillowcases on the balcony string, wrapping them in the scent of fresh air and crisp morning dew. The softness of the pillowcase will be appreciated especially by the most demanding and sensitive skin, which prefers products without artificial dyes. That's why the beautiful colors we have chosen, not only fit perfectly into loft, Scandinavian and boho-style bedrooms, but, above all, remain natural. Luxury and magic will also be emphasized by linen pillowcases, linen sheet and linen bedspread, and a set created this way will certainly be a tribute to ecological fabrics. They are the ones that gracefully wrap our bodies, support ecological farming and stand in opposition to mass production - often at the expense of flora and fauna. In the offer of so linen! you will find duvet covers both for lovers of large beds and space (e.g. 200 x 200 cm), and for admirers of modest covers (e.g. 150x200 cm). We believe that after you sleep under a linen duvet cover at least once, you will never want to wake up wrapped in any other fabric again.