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Linen canopies are an addition to the children’s room, which proves itself both as a decorative element and when playing. The linen canopies can be used from the first moments of the baby’s life in our house. Hanged above the bed, on a sunny day, they stop the sun’s rays that wake up the baby during a nap. However, as the toddler gets older, the linen canopies will prove to be a playful element, be it a princess tent or a classic “fort” for children. Thanks to the long ties, the height of the canopy can be easily adjusted. We recommend hanging the canopy on a hook screwed into the ceiling. It will be also perfectly tied to branches when playing in the garden. Thanks to the removable ring, the canopy is very easy to clean – just remove the metal rim of the canopy and then wash it in the household washing machine with a mild detergent and remember to set the spinning mode on low. The canopy does not need to be ironed, it is enough, if it is still slightly damp, to hang it up and spread out, it will smooth itself out under its own weight.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

When choosing a linen canopy for the children’s room, not only its colour should be taken into account. The material is crucial. Canopies made of synthetic materials attract dust and mites, which can cause allergies in very young children. We recommend linen canopies that, thanks to their antistatic properties, do not electrify and do not attract dust particles. Once we have chosen the perfect child-friendly material, you can go onto color. It is good to choose a canopy in the same color as the bedding in the cot or in gently contrasting. In case of doubt, the best solution is always our color natural linen – the color of undyed linen. Beautiful, natural, and universal enough to look great in every interior, regardless of its color scheme. When our toddler gets older and we decide to redesign the room, the natural linen shade will certainly continue to fit.