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Hair care means not only applying nutritious masks or oils, but it is also important to use the right hair accessories to avoid damaging the delicate structure of the hair. That’s why we developed our linen headbands and scrunchies. The natural fibers that make up the accessories do not break the hair or damage its structure. In addition, linen accessories do not electrify the hair and prevent it from frizzing. Linen is not only good for the condition of our hair, but also for its appearance, natural headbands and scrunchies do not leave unpleasant bumps on the hair. Linen hair accessories in so linen! serve not only the hair but also the environment, because we sew them in the spirit of the idea of less waste, using linen scraps that remain after sewing linen, curtains, or tablecloths.

Thanks to the variety of linen accessories there is something for everyone. Fans of the boho style will appreciate the braided headbands, which are a beautiful hair accessory and harmonize perfectly with airy, feminine styles. Those looking for something to hold their hair well while exercising will surely be satisfied with the knot headbands and linen scrunchies. The headbands with a knot are excellent, even during SPA treatments at home, to keep the hair away from the face and protect it from cosmetics that are applied to the face. All linen hair accessories are available in nine colors, so that the owners of both light and dark complexions will find a color that highlights their strengths.