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Our linen curtains swathe and protect the windows. They soften the coming sunlight. Their form and different intensity of penetrability enable to adjust the level of insolation which can leave the interiors to be still filled with natural brightness. Made of 100% natural linen they work perfectly with arrangements in boho, glamour or modern (basing on simple forms) styles.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

We know how important it is for an interior to be cozy, warm and safe. We also know that each apartment is different, each requires different decorations and has different needs. That is why we have created the most diverse offer of our linen curtains possible. Starting with simple and classic to more fancy, girlish and romantic ones. Depending on the color and type of linen, we’ve created curtains with gentle, subtle shading as well as curtains that will block out the sunlight significantly. Half-transparent stonewashed linen is very gentle and romantic in its form. Linen curtains subtly flattering in the wind make us think about cottage houses in Tuscany, or romantic hotels by the ocean, or boho style interiors with big windows with the sea view...

Our linen curtains with higher thread count are another option. What’s important – higher blocking doesn’t mean losing airiness and lightness which balance elegant or stark interiors of lofts. All in all, no matter which model you choose – you get the highest natural quality, easy air flow and beautiful, unique texture. Thermo-regulative properties of linen curtains help us keep the pleasant coolness during scorching days and the cozy warmth while white winters. Moreover, linen as a natural fabric is antistatic and doesn’t gather dust. This makes cleaning such curtains as easy as cleaning other linen textiles. This natural fabric is very durable and thanks to its resistance to external factors it will last for years. You’ll learn more on how to choose curtains for your windows from our free Ebook. It will make decorating your dream interiors easier and even more exciting.


Choose Linen Curtains

Drapes not only protect the windows and privacy, but they also enhance the aesthetics of our homes. Linen is a go-to fabric for curtains, and it is for a reason - the fabric is durable, machine-washable, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, and natural. Furthermore, thick linen curtains can also control and bring down your running up heating bills, as they also offer immense insulation. If you are thinking of adding a balanced look to your space, nothing can work better than linen curtains. From traditional dining rooms to beachside bedrooms, custom linen curtains in cream, white, and neutral shades light up the ambiance. Unlike delicate silk curtains or heavy velvet curtains, linen curtains also have the potential to stand the humid climates, thus, making them a perfect choice to be rigged on the deck or porch.

If you want some chic heat-absorbing drapes for sunroom windows, custom linen curtains are what you need. These drapes stay cool, soften the sunlight entering the place, and provide optimal ventilation. Furthermore, being one of the strongest fabrics, linen is a remarkable window treatment for nurseries, children’s rooms, bathrooms, and splash-prone kitchen areas. These oh-so-good curtains can set the mood in any room!

Why buy from so linen!?

so linen!offers totally natural linen drapes that add a cozy, safe, and warm look to the space. You can choose from a wide range of linen curtain products, such as romantic, girlish, fancy, simple, and so on. so linen! understands that each space is unique and thus has different requirements when it comes to drapes. The store provides curtains with subtle and gentle shading as well as thick curtains that efficiently block cold or heat from outside from entering the home. Thick linen curtains, however, do not impede the flow of air and preserve the lightness as well.

Adorn your interiors the way you have dreamed of them for so long with so linen! Turn your place into an exciting fancy that you and visitors fall in love with!