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Linen Roman blind made from MEDIUM linen in pure white color together with a mounting mechanism. Our Roman blinds are a combination of a fabric base sewn by hand from natural linen fabric and a solid mounting mechanism made by a European manufacturer.

We sew the blinds from four types of linen fabric:
– 100% MEDIUM linen type – thinner, gently softens the sun rays
– 100% HEAVY linen type – thicker, shades the interior more
– 100% RUSTIC linen type – raw, rustic, thick canvas weave
– 100% linen MUSLIN – sheer, airy, slightly transparent


The decorative character of the blind lies in the way the linen fabric is arranged in the form of decorative overlapping, (horizontal) pleats stiffened with wires. The roller blind can be lowered and raised by means of a chain placed on the right or left side of the mechanism (the side of fixing the chain can be chosen while placing the order).

In our roman blinds we use solid control mechanisms made by a European manufacturer. Individual elements of the mechanism are hidden in a closed cassette, which improves the aesthetics of the entire window arrangement. The mechanism attached to the blind allows the blind to be fixed:

  • to the wall
  • to the ceiling
  • on the window frame

The roller blind brackets should be screwed to the wall or ceiling, or in the case of non-invasive installation – hung on the window frame.

* * *

The blind is shipped in a ready to hang form. The linen fabric which forms the base of the blind can be easily removed and washed at home, or replaced with a different color when you want to make a quick makeover of the window.

IMPORTANT: When ordering two roller blinds that have different lengths but will be installed next to each other in the same room, please add this information in the notes to your order. This will allow us to symmetrically adjust the placement of the wires in the blinds.

Shrinkage: Stonewashed linen is a preshrunk fabric. When you pay attention to the laundry instructions added to the curtains, the possible shrinkage is around 3-5%.

The price is given for 1 blind.

  • *Width of the blind (cm)

    *Length of the blind (cm)

    *Length of the blind (cm)

    *Chain placement

    *Chain color

    Non-invasive grips (mounted on the window frame)