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Boho style is very popular nowadays. It accompanies us at weddings, family dinners and birthday parties with friends. It originated from the bohemian artistic community, which loved comfort, holiday tranquility and nature which blends with the hippie style so gracefully. This unique combination – the cult of pure beauty and harmony with the environment – became the inspiration for our interiors. That is why at So Linen! we have created tie top curtains to meet these trends.
Their romantic finishing and the concept based on tying strings – has proven to be extremely popular – especially among people who like to combine originality with classic. We tie delicate cords on the rod, making them into clumsy knots or bows. The first option brings some slightly nautical and austere character, which will certainly be appreciated in modern and loft interiors. The second option is a tribute to English, idyllic cottages – after all, ties in the form of irregular bows fit very gracefully in the room of a growing girl or in the living room filled with fresh flowers and light wood. The heavier weight, labelled as heavy linen, allows to keep balance between airiness, lightness and blacking out that protects the interior from the rising sun. What’s important, despite the higher thickness, the fabric still remains airy.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Apart from their transparency, tie top curtains are also distinguished by their hygroscopic and thermo-regulative properties. This means that they ensure pleasant, refreshing coolness in the summer and some soothing swathing in the winter. Retaining temperature while allowing air and light to pass through is almost a magical ability. Light drapes and creases give aesthetic and unique finishing. It is thanks to them that our linen tie top curtains stand out from other classic propositions. This classic product is a nod to history, it confirms that linen is one of the oldest and the most recognized fabrics - also because of its unique texture. So make the most of its beauty in your interior by decorating large windows, glass terrace exit or wooden balcony door. Don't forget to tie at the top of the curtain a girly bow for some romantic touch or leave it loosely knotted for a touch of controlled nonchalance.