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Super-soft, airy and natural – this is our linen bedding made of European stonewashed linen. Thanks to thermo regulative proprieties of linen, our bedding ensures comfort throughout the year. It will keep you warm and gently swathe your body during winter. In summer it offers a pleasant feeling of coolness and enhances the quality of sleep even during the hottest nights. Bedding made from linen is antibacterial and antistatic. It doesn’t attract dust, so it is recommended for young children and people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies. Linen fibers are exceptionally durable, not only will our bedding be a soft and beautiful decoration of your bedroom, but also it will serve you for years and its aesthetic value will grow over time! All pieces of our bed linen are handmade. Looking for a different size? Contact us!


Perfect bedding is seamless. It means that it doesn’t have any seams connecting the fabric of the duvet covers – even of the biggest ones. We make our bed linen from wide bales, which allows us to make covers without unaesthetic seams.

Natural character of linen - antibacterial and antistatic

We wish to keep the natural character of linen so we don’t use zippers but coconut buttons, boho ties or classic overlap. You may choose your favorite type of pillowcase to match your duvet cover – with buttons, frill or elegant edge. You can mix and match different designs and colors from our offer to create your perfect bed set. Complete your linen bed set with airy linen sheet and feel the magic of this natural fabric on your own skin.