it’s anti-allergic, it doesn’t sensitize or cause irritations

products made of natural linen are green and biodegradable

it has antibacterial properties and gives feeling of freshness

it works really good for our bodies – it creates the best microclimate for human skin

it is incredibly durable – its aesthetic value grows with time

it has high moisture absorption properties in comparison to other fabrics

it has a gentle, natural scent

linen becomes softer and more delicate with every washing

due to its anti-static properties, it doesn’t gather electric charges

due to its thermo-regulative properties, it gives the feeling of comfort in every season

it absorbs moisture and gives the pleasant feeling of coolness during hot summer nights

in winter, it helps to maintain the optimal body temperature

poszewki lniane na poduszki
lniana narzuta na lato
Grey linen curtains for living room