Linen textiles for restaurants

In addition to the menu and the service, the interior also determines the character of the restaurant. Whether you run an elegant restaurant, a cozy café or a small bistro, our offer includes linen textiles for restaurants that create a natural and unique atmosphere that will delight your guests.

Photo: Piotr Jakubowicz (IG: piotrjakubowicz_fotografia). In the photo our linen textiles in pure white and light gray.


In the range of linen textiles for the restaurant you will find tablecloths, aprons for the staff as well as curtains and blinds – all sewn from 100% LINEN. Our products are hand-made, so we can easily adapt them to your restaurant needs.


We sew tablecloths, table sets and napkins from linen in two weights: medium and heavy. The most elegant character of the table arrangement can be achieved by choosing heavy linen fabric. It is a thicker, more solid linen that is ideal for fine dining restaurants that need an exceptional setting.

Medium weight linen table textiles will present themselves particularly well in bistros and cafés. They are soft and airy and give the table arrangements a casual touch.

In addition, we offer two unique fabrics – linen muslin and rustic linen. The linen muslin is soft, slightly transparent and easy to arrange. The texture of the fabric is gently wrinkled, which makes it possible to form so-called “layers” on the table. We can say that this is the most popular fabric used at wedding parties. Rustic Linen, on the other hand, impresses with its strict character and exceptional longevity. Linen products made of this fabric are the perfect solution for cottage, vintage and boho restaurants.


We offer aprons and supplies that are sewn according to our design or sewn according to the design we received from the restaurant. In addition, we can suggest personalizing the aprons with the logo, the name of the restaurant or the name of the waitress or waiter.


What gives the interior a cozy character is definitely the window decoration. We sew our curtains adjusting their size to the centimeter.

All products are hand-made in our own tailoring studio in Warsaw, so we can adjust their dimensions to the centimeter. We will advise you on the type of linen textiles best suited for the interior and character of the restaurant, and explain how to take care of our textiles for the restaurant in such a way that they serve the staff and the guests as long as possible. ♥