Types of our linen fabrics


Extremely soft linen of medium thread count. Most of our products are made of this type of linen. Due to its gentle character, this fabric gains unique wrinkled texture after each washing. The term “stonewashed” comes from the traditional method of softening linen – the fabric was actually washed with stones in a big washing tub. Presently, linen is softened and shrunk using more modern methods.
Bedding made of this anti-allergic fabric is truly skin friendly. Thanks to its thermo-regulative properties, stonewashed linen ensures comfort throughout the year. During summer, it gives pleasant feeling of coolness, in winter it swaths and helps to maintain the proper body temperature.
Stonewashed linen curtains are exceptionally airy. The unique weave of linen makes them look perfect in elegant interiors as well as in the “cottage house style” houses. Their casual character gives some airiness to window arrangements. Stonewashed linen curtains soften coming sunlight ensuring your privacy (your room won’t be visible from outside), but they don’t obscure the interior. If you wish to light your interior up, pure white, light grey, or grey stripes would be perfect. On the other hand, colors: natural, charcoal, true grey and dusty pink will be stopping the sunlight a bit more giving more shade to your roome. 
Stonewashed linen table textiles are soft and gentle, after washing they gain their unique, softly wrinkled texture. Their casual character will work perfectly in rustic interiors and minimalistic style of lofts. When choosing the color of a tablecloth, you should consider color of your table. Weave of medium thread count linen may cause darker colors to show through lighters shades of tablecloths (pure white, gray stripes, light gray).  CLICK TO COMPARE OUR MEDIUM AND HEAVY LINEN 🌿


Linen of higher thread count. We use it to produce our curtains, table textiles and decorative cushions. In contrary to the linen of medium thread count, the weave in heavy linen is much thicker. The fabric is also softened in stonewashed method, which makes it pleasantly soft in touch.
Curtains made of heavy linen are much thicker and more blacking out than airy medium linen curtains. They create some cozy atmosphere in your interior and ensure full privacy. Darker colors (charcoal, natural, true gray, dusty pink), when draped properly will stop the sunlight and black out your room.  
Table textiles made of heavy linen are perfect merge of nature and elegance. Tablecloths, napkins and runners made of heavy linen are much thicker than “light” textiles of medium linen. Higher thread count makes those textiles to be extremely durable and solid.   CLICK TO COMPARE OUR MEDIUM AND HEAVY LINEN 🌿


Pre-softened and shrunk linen used to produce table textiles. In comparison to the stonewashed linen, its character is more crude – natural nodes typical for linen yarn are visible well. Pre-washed linen is noticeable less soft and airy than the stonewashed one. The fabric is more stiff in touch, therefore those who adore crude linen and elegantly ironed tablecloths and runners will love it. We sell our pre-washed linen products in two classic colors: natural and pure white.
Square linen tablecloth
Washed linen tablecloth


Light linen towels are made of stonewashed linen of higher thread count, which makes them natural, soft and skin friendly. Due to their absorption proprieties, linen towels are exceptionally absorbent and airy and they dry quickly. They don’t gather bacteria, so they guarantee feeling of cleanness and freshness. They are perfect for sensitive skin of children and people suffering from allergies. It’s also a great choice when you go to the beach. They don’t require a lot of space and offer the pleasant feeling of coolness to sun-warmed skin.
Linen bath towel


Waffle linen owes its name to its characteristic structure, reminiscent of a honeycomb or waffle. It is a completely natural fabric its composition is 100% linen. Products made from waffle linen are characterized by high moisture absorption, dry quickly, and remain fresh for a long time. They are thinner than terry linen products and make it a real pleasure even on hot days! They take up little space in the closet or suitcase and are therefore also ideal for traveling. Which waffle linen products can you find in our offer?
  • towels in three sizes
  • bathrobes
  • hair turbans
Linen waffle turban
White linen waffle robe


Linen muslin is an essence of natural airiness! From this exceptional material, we sew our curtains, runners and napkins. Muslin linen has characteristic weave of fine web. It allows free air circulation, therefore it works perfect for window arrangements. Because of their transparency, muslin curtains soften coming sunlight very gently. Flexible, pouring character of muslin runners and napkins adds some body to table arrangements and naturally emphasizes the weight of the ceremony.


Rustic linen – our great infatuation! Weaved from natural linen of exceptionally thick weave (450 g/m2). We use it to make our curtains, table textiles and decorative cushions. It delights with its crude character and extreme durability. The secret of our rustic linen is the process of softening. It maintains its unique, traditional crude look, but when you touch it – it’s soft and smooth. Our products made of this kind of fabric are perfect for interiors in cottage, vintage and rustic styles. If you love natural and eco decorations, you will adore our rustic linen.


Frotte linen is an exceptional treasure for every-day care of our body. This fabric is composed of 100% linen loops weaved on cotton base. Thanks to using linen of high thread count, these towels are very flashy and they pleasantly swath your body. Moreover, linen loops gently massage and peel your skin while drying it. Our frotte towels are extremely durable, they keep their body, absorb water very well and, at the same time, dry quickly. In contrary to traditional frotte towels, they don’t gather bacteria so they stay fresh for longer and don’t have unpleasant smell. They are recommended for sensitive skin of children and people suffering from allergies.
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