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Linen toiletry bag made of natural stonewashed linen. Linen toiletry bag will work not only during smaller and larger trips, but also on a daily basis as a useful organizer for a handbag or backpack.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Linen toiletry bags are sewn from a combination of linen fabric in two grammages. Thicker linen with heavy weight forms the outer layer of the cosmetic bag, thanks to which the cosmetic bag is more durable, which allows us to fill it to the brim with cosmetics. The second, inner layer of the cosmetic bag is medium-weight linen. The combination of these two weights of linen fabric makes the cosmetic one solid and lightweight, so it does not add weight to a travel suitcase where every gram counts ;-) The linen cosmetic bag is available in two sizes. The larger size material cosmetic bag is ideal for a suitcase and allows you to pack larger cosmetics, such as shampoo or body lotion. In addition, it will be great for trips to the pool to hide a costume or underwear for a change. On the other hand, a smaller material cosmetic bag will allow you to store makeup cosmetics, and brushes. In addition, it is the perfect gadget for women's handbags, which will allow you to keep documents or keys always in one place. A small, linen cosmetic bag will also work great as a pencil case. Cosmetics were created in the spirit of less waste. We sew linen cosmetics from pieces of natural flax stonewashed, which remain in our workshop after sewing other linen textiles available in our store.