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Linen skirts made of natural stonewashed linen. We design our linen skirts so that they not only look good, beautifully emphasize the silhouette, but above all so that they are comfortable and become a favorite from the first time! The linen skirt is perfect for work, for dinner with friends, but it will also be a perfect choice for the beaches or in the spring for cycling on the way to work. We sew the waist in our skirts in such a way that it restricts movement as little as possible.


Skirts made of linen are very feminine and elegant, and at the same time can be very versatile, allowing for many different outfits. They can be adapted to different circumstances, from formal outings to everyday wear. They look great with both a simple short-sleeved shirt and an elegant shirt. Thanks to the fact that linen is characterized by an open weave - the material in its structure resembles a mesh, linen skirts are exceptionally breathable. If we add to this the lightness of linen fabric in medium weight and its cooling properties, we have the perfect skirt for summer! In addition, linen is also anti-allergic, which means it is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. All our linen clothes are sewn in our workshop in Warsaw. We focus on respect for the work of human hands, as well as conscious quantitative production – we sew our clothes only after placing an order, thanks to which we do not generate surplus stock. In addition, already at the stage of the construction of our linen clothes, we make sure that there are as few cuts as possible during the cutting and sewing of the fabric. We want our clothes to be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.