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A long linen body pillow for sleeping on the side is a practical solution, suitable for every bedroom. The long body pillow not only looks good, but also improves sleeping comfort and is ideal for relaxing outside the bed. It is perfect for reading or watching TV. It works in all situations where our spine needs support. A long pillow for sleeping on the side has been appreciated by pregnant women for whom finding a comfortable sleeping position is a big challenge. The long body pillow supports the growing tummy and stabilizes the figure and improves the quality of sleep a mother-to-be needs. The long pillow is particularly useful for people who sleep on the side. It not only fills the space between the shoulders and the head, but also cushions the ear additionally preventing pain from the weight from the head. It also acts as a separator for the knees during sleep. The size of the pillow should be adjusted according to your wishes, but we should also consider our size. For taller people we recommend longer pillows, for shorter people a smaller size is sufficient.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

In addition to the health-promoting properties, a long body pillow can also fulfill an aesthetic function in the bedroom. The pillow can be placed over the bed – either behind the sleeping pillows or on the bedspread in front of the pillows. In both cases, we recommend choosing a pillow size similar to the width of the mattress and creating a layered arrangement of the bed with the body pillow. In addition, we recommend choosing the color of the long pillowcase and the sheet in the same shade as the linen bedsheets. With a made bed, the effect will be very cozy and inviting for a rest in the bedroom.