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To make our hair soft, shiny and fluffy, it is necessary to take care of it regularly. To get the dream effect we make homemade masks based on natural plants, we oil our hair, apply conditioners, avoid high temperatures and artificial fabrics. The latter very often cause electrifying, damages and breakages of the hair structure. Keeping in mind that hair structure is flaccid, and the scales can be surprisingly easily torn, the use of natural fabrics, such as linen, provides your hair with safety and protection. Thinking about this every-day activity, we wanted to create a simple and functional solution – hair linen turbans. Thanks to the absorbing properties of linen, we gained an ideal alternative to classic towels. Their biggest advantage is fast drying (terry linen feels dry even after drying less than half of its weight), lightness and the above-mentioned naturalness, which is especially appreciated by delicate hair. Our hair linen turbans come in two different forms. The classic turban evokes a natural, raw material that retains all the properties of the plant. The terry hair turban has a very unique texture. With a light cotton base and loops made of 100% linen, it is more fleshy and thicker.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Our turban for wet hair has a practical loop fastener, so it holds on our head steadily, accompanying us during daily - evening or morning - activities. Taking care of the details, we decided that the sewn-in button is made of coconut shell. Our linen turban for oiling hair protects it during home treatments. They replace towels to help to bring out hair's curl and to facilitate absorption of the nutrients. Experience the magical power of nature with the gentle linen hair turban from so linen!