linen turban | natural linen


Light linen turban in natural linen. The turban is made of 100% stonewashed linen, so it’s natural, soft and skin-friendly. Using our turban, you can wrap your head precisely and absorb the excess water without rubbing your hair which may cause damage to its structure. Stonewashed linen turban is perfect for traveling. It doesn’t take much space and allows you to dry your hair really quickly. Our linen turban has a practical loop clasp and a coconut button to keep it from falling off your head.

Size: 25 x 70 cm

Linen turban can be used for:

– drying hair,
– protecting hair during beauty treatments,
– oiling and other hair treatments, as it enables better absorption of nutrients into the hair structure,
– plopping for curly hair to enhance the curl.

Due to the special properties of linen, our towels and hair turbans are extremely absorbent and they dry quickly. Terry linen remains dry to touch even after absorbing 35% of its weight. In contrast to traditional hair towels, linen turbans don’t gather bacteria, so they stay fresh for longer.

Our stonewashed linen turban will work perfectly for any length or thickness of hair. However, if your hair is long and very thick, we recommend to drain it before using the turban.

Linen in natural color is not dyed. The shade depends on the conditions in which the flowers grew so it might slightly differ in different parts of material.