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Khalil Gibran – an Arab writer and poet – once wrote that “It is good to give when people ask you to, but it is even better to give to those who do not ask, understanding their desire.” The beauty of giving gifts to our loved ones and the desire to bring a smile on their faces, is one of the most important values and sources of joy. The success of a gift is determined by the intention, a real desire to make dreams come true and attention to the smallest details. We will be happy to help you with this last element by wrapping your linen gifts carefully. This simple form will allow the gifts – wrapped and ready to go – to go straight to the door of the recipient, making the surprise even bigger!

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

Due to the upcoming intense holiday season, please do not leave shopping until the last moment. ♡

Our wrapped linen gifts are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. Your linen bedding will be carefully packed in a box with the logo of so linen!. Moreover, we will decorate it with ecological paper with minimalistic linen flowers and we will tie it with a paper string that will perfectly reflect the character of a natural and a less-waste gift. We will also be happy to convey your greetings or information by putting a few sincere words on the card. You can use them to express emotions or feelings that you don't express every day. The note itself can also be a perfect souvenir, so in addition to the signature, you can put words of congratulations, gratitude or great love. Wrapping gifts in grey paper will make your gifts not only minimalistic and elegant, but also environmental-friendly. Such a universal form of packaging will please not only your friend, grandparents and parents, but also your beloved, boss and mother-in-law. Let us deliver the wrapped gift to your favorite person, taking care of its every, even the smallest, detail. .