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A linen bathrobe is a natural wrap when you get out of the shower. In our store, we offer linen bathrobes sewn from terry and waffle fabric. Linen terry robe is sewn from a fabric which is a combination of a cotton base and a thousand linen loops, which during the contact of the robe with the skin gently massage it, thus stimulating microcirculation. Thanks to the use of terry linen of very high weight, the linen bathrobe is solid and quite heavy. It will be perfect to wear on autumn evenings or to transition from a heated outdoor sauna to a cabin with a lit fireplace during a winter outing in the mountains. Linen terry bathrobe was sewn from the same fabric as our linen terry towels and turbans. This allows you to create a matching set that looks good in the bathroom, but you can also order it as a gift for a loved one – preferably personalized with embroidery to make the gift even more personal and by choosing.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

A waffle linen bathrobe is much thinner than one sewn from terry cloth. Waffle linen is 100% linen fabric that looks like a honeycomb or a wafer - hence the name. It is much lighter and thinner than a terry cloth linen bathrobe. It will be perfect for warmer months or quiet evenings with a book and a cup of aromatic tea. The robe has belt loops and a belt that can be used to adjust the size and also accentuate the waist. In addition, our linen robes have pockets where we can hide all these things we always like to have at hand. Linen is an airy and breathable fabric, so the comfort of spending time in this bathrobe is much higher than in bathrobes available on the market made of synthetic materials. Due to the high strength of the linen fiber, the bathrobe is very durable and will be even softer after each wash.