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The linen quilted bedspread is a great solution not only as a bed cover during the day but also as a light alternative to the duvet on warmer spring and summer nights. The heat-regulating properties, which are characteristic of both linen and hemp, ensure that we maintain the right body temperature and do not overheat in summer and get cold in winter. The quilted bedspread is sewn from soft stonewashed linen. The inside filling of the bedspread is a natural and breathable hemp fleece. Thanks to this combination of two natural materials of plant origin, the quilted bedspread is not only great for our skin but also for the environment. The duvet is decorated with classic rhombs, which give it a laid-back character and make it look good in both minimalist and boho-style interiors.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

The quilted linen bedspread will be also great during garden picnics with friends or during beach holidays. Pssst! Thanks to the mesh-like structure of linen, you can easily remove the grains of sand from your blanket. Lovers of evenings on balconies and terraces will appreciate the cozy character of the blanket when temperatures drop slightly. Our quilted linen blankets are hand-made in our studio in Warsaw, and the stitching is done by a local company with traditions. Since we use an extra-wide fabric, we can sew quilted linen blankets for really large beds. All our products are handmade. So if you need a special size, write us and let us sew a quilted linen blanket for your bed. We ship worldwide.