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Living room arrangement, attention to details in the bedroom, the right shade of the tablecloth, color analysis of the bedding or selection of accessories for the kitchen, all of them require careful selection of colors, fabrics and forms. We know how hard it is to make some decisions related to interior design. We also know that not all decisions related to colors are easy and obvious. Bearing in mind how important it is for you to pay attention to the details and how valuable it is to create a cozy and coherent interior, we have prepared samples of our fabrics. We hope that using them will help you to choose the right shade of the linen curtains, runner or napkins. Will dusty pink blend in perfectly with a light Scandinavian bedroom? Will a tablecloth in natural complement the linen placemats in pure white? Will charcoal curtains contrast with loft accessories and will true grey bed linen match the wooden bed frame? All these questions will be answered by our samples of fabrics, which not only fulfil the principles of less waste, but they also become a very functional way to successfully arrange a dream bedroom or a cozy living room.

All of the colors of our linen products are free of harmful substances that could negatively affect our health. It means that even dyed linen is free of chlorophenols, allergic dyes and nitrogenous dyes. So in the end we get subtle linen colors that do not overwhelm the interior and do not change the properties or texture of this unique fabric. No matter which color you choose, you will get natural, soft material with antiseptic, anti-allergic and hygroscopic properties. Both the natural and the color products will be equally durable and resistant to sunlight. So if you're wondering what gift to buy or you are arranging your interior, choose our linen fabric samples. Each order will include samples of each fabric, in all color variations. .