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Linen towels are a must-have item in the bathroom of a natural fabrics lover. Long baths in an aromatic lavender foam allow us to relax after a long day. Quick showers refresh and wake us up, giving us energy for new challenges. Home SPAs, beauty treatments, water massages, and rituals, in which we take care of our skin, require care. This care can be given by linen towels, which were created for the most demanding – dry, deprived of firmness, and allergic – skin. Linen towels are some of the most popular products at so linen! We know that you love to buy them for your loved ones, thus making their daily skincare routines more pleasant. For towels that you want to gift, we recommend personalizing them with embroidery!

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The production time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

We believe that linen towels are the perfect way to reflect the magical and valuable properties of this plant. Their softness soothes your body, gently caressing every inch of your skin. Their durability allows you to wash them frequently, so the towel is always fresh and fragrant. The more often you use it, the softer and cuddlier it becomes. The naturalness of the fabric and the absorbing properties make linen towels not only absorbent, but also safe for the most sensitive skin - including those prone to allergies. In so linen! you will find linen terry towels, which are an absolute bestseller among all our products. This unique fabric with loops, is produced on special looms, thanks to which it acquires an original, slightly raised texture. It is thanks to it that the towels are fluffy and massage our body every time we dry it after a soothing bath and hot shower. We sew all linen towels for you, using 100%, organic linen from European cultivation. Thanks to the selected fabric, we gain not only a boho-style bathroom accessory, but also a material that stays fresh, does not absorb unpleasant bathroom odor and so wonderfully, naturally wraps our precious skin.