linen terry hooded towel | creamy white


Linen terry hooded towel for children, made of linen in creamy white color. The towel was sewn from a combination of a light cotton base and small loops made from 100% linen. Thanks to the use of linen of very high weight the towel is exceptionally soft and pleasantly wraps the body. Additionally, linen loops gently massage the skin as you dry it.

Unique properties of linen make linen towels extremely absorbent and also quick drying. The towel remains dry to the touch even after absorbing 20% of its weight. Unlike traditional towels, linen towels do not accumulate bacteria, so they stay fresh longer. Ideal for allergy sufferers. We recommend personalizing the towel with embroidery a practical and natural gift for parents-to-be ❤️

Size: 70 x 75 cm

Linen terry is 100% natural fabric. During a few initial washings, linen loops may give out some dust, so we recommend to wash them separately at the beginning. This phenomenon will decrease with every washing.

We recommend washing towels before first use. Due to the natural nature of linen loops, the shades of towels may vary slightly.

SHIPPING: If the order consists of only terry products (towels, sponges, turbans) order processing time is 2-3 working days.

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