100% linen

Natural linen products, handmade in Poland. Discover the incredible proprieties of linen: it’s noble, it’s durable, it amazes with its simple, stark design. Invite nature to your home and enjoy the beauty of linen every day!

Linen is a value in itself. It is anti-allergic, gentle, airy and durable. It’s one of a kind. Products made of 100% linen have unique texture with soft creases, which makes them easy to maintain with no need of ironing. All of our linen products are handmade with great attention to even the smallest details.
Discover our linen bedding which allows your skin to breath and gives you calm sleep and fresh, crisp morning. Try our airy linen curtains. They gently soften coming sunlight while still keeping your interior bright. Choose a perfect, classical linen table cover – an indispensable element of a classy dining room design. Be inspired by nature! Choose the timeless quality!


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