100% LINEN


Higher weight linen, from which we create curtains, a collection of table textiles and living room pillows. Unlike medium weight linen, heavy weight linen is woven from a much thicker weave. The fabric has also been stonewashed, making it soft to the touch.

Curtains made of heavy linen are much thicker and more opaque than airy curtains made of medium linen. They create a cozy atmosphere in the interior and provide full privacy. Darker shades – charcoal, natural, true gray, dusty pink – when the curtains are properly made up, limit the flow of sunlight from outside, offering a strong dimming of the space.

Table textiles created from this type of linen are the perfect combination of nature and elegance. Tablecloths, placemats and runners sewn from heavy linen are much thicker than “light” textiles made from medium linen. The higher weight of the fabric makes the table products extremely durable and sturdy. Heavy linen is less prone to creasing and easy to iron at high iron temperatures.


Exceptionally soft medium weight linen, from which we create most of our products. Its delicate nature makes the fabric acquire a unique undulating texture after each wash.

Curtains made of linen medium are exceptionally airy, soften sunlight, (from the outside you can’t see the inside of the room, only delicate shadows), but do not guarantee complete darkening of the room. Light shades brighten the interior and offer more light. Natural, charcoal, true gray and dusty pink curtains are slightly more shading and more strongly neutralize the sun’s rays.

Stonewashed linen table textiles are soft and delicate, and take on a unique wavy texture after washing. When choosing a tablecloth, it is worth considering the color of the table top, as lighter shades of tablecloths (pure white, gray stripes, light gray) may show through if the table is dark.

Bed sheets made of this anti-allergenic fabric are extremely friendly to our skin. Thanks to the thermoregulatory properties of linen, linen bedding provides comfort in all seasons: in summer it cools and offers a feeling of freshness, and in winter it envelops and maintains our body temperature.





• have a heavier, solid character

• fabric grammage = 280 g/m2

• they block sunlight better

• darken the room more

• provide greater privacy

• provide additional protection from the cold outside

• creases less and irons more easily





• have a light and airy character

• fabric weight = 160 g/m2

• soften sunlight

• the room still remains bright

• delicate shadows can be seen through the curtained window

• ensure free air circulation

• are more prone to creasing