couch cover | heavy linen dusty pink


Linen couch cover (bed throw) for a sofa made of a fabric with an increased weight of 280 g/m heavy linen. The cover for the sofa is an ideal solution not only for everyday use when we want to protect the piece of furniture from pet fur, our children’s dirty hands, or accidental stains resulting from everyday use but above all, it is a great way to redesign an old sofa by renewing its appearance without replacing it.

The couch cover will work perfectly in living spaces and holiday cabins, where we often decide to bring our old furniture, as well as in a rental apartment where we can’t or don’t want to replace the sofa. A sofa covered in natural linen is also a great decorative solution for interiors in a casual boho style.

The sofa should be measured according to the instructions in one of the product images. Please send these measurements together with a photo of the sofa to In case of any doubt, we will ask for details and then present the recommended cover size together with an individual offer.

The cover can be removed at any time and washed in the regular washing machine.

WARNING! The bed throw for the sofa has the shape of a rectangle sewn from linen material and a decorative edge. We sew the linen cover only for individual orders, so we adapt it to your furniture. Personalized products are non-refundable according to Consumer Law.

The price is shown as an example for a couch cover with the dimensions 20x 30cm.