linen buckwheat pillow | natural linen


Linen pillow filled with buckwheat hulls made of heavy linen 280 g/m2. A combination of a linen pillowcase and natural, buckwheat hulls that come from a Polish manufacturer, provides a comfortable, natural, and deep sleep. We recommend using this pillow as a filling and putting on an additional linen pillowcase on top.

Linen fabric lets our skin breathe and provides a feeling of freshness. It also shows anti-allergic properties, does not cause irritation, and does not cause allergies – that is why it is recommended for the delicate skin of children and allergy sufferers. Owners of long hair will appreciate the antistatic properties of linen, which prevent static from accumulating in the hair after a night spent on a linen pillowcase.

Buckwheat hulls that fill the pillow, provide easy air circulation which ensures that our pillow stays cool throughout the night. Additionally, the hulls move inside the pillow when we lay on it so the pillow adapts to the shape of our head and neck. Thanks to that the pillow provides great support for our cervical spine. Moving buckwheat hulls delicately massage, relax our muscles, and reduce tension.

Buckwheat hulls are the dry shells of buckwheat grains and they can be used in a lot of health-promoting ways.

  • buckwheat hulls provide thermal comfort for our body, it stays much cooler than pillows with synthetic filling, it helps to regulate the temperature of our scalp providing comfortable sleep
  • buckwheat is also very absorbent, it absorbs excess moisture keeping the pillow dry to the touch
  • buckwheat hulls adapt to the shape of our neck providing support for our cervical spine which prevents morning stiffness in the neck area
  • buckwheat hulls move slightly inside the pillowcase at the same time providing a delicate massage for our scalp, moving hulls create a relaxing rustle
  • buckwheat hulls have antiallergic properties, which is why this pillow is perfect for people who suffer from irritated eyes or skin caused by allergens
  • buckwheat hull pillows can also be used to prevent bedsores.

When using a buckwheat hull pillow filling it is enough to empty out the case, wash the external pillowcase, and freeze the filling or dry the buckwheat hulls in the sun to freshen them up

If you use the pillow without an additional pillowcase over it, we recommend washing the case every time you change your sheets remembering to empty out the pillowcase prior to that. It is recommended to freshen up the hulls by freezing or drying them in the sun once a month.


  • You shouldn’t wash the pillow with the buckwheat still inside of it. If the hulls get wet you should empty out the pillow and dry them. To avoid that we recommend putting back the buckwheat hulls inside after the washed pillowcase is completely dry.
  • The brown color of the hulls may stain the inside of the pillowcase
  • We recommend switching out the hulls inside every 12 months

Pillowcase– 100% soft stonewashed linen (heavy linen – 280 g/m2)

Filling– natural, clean buckwheat hulls from a Polish manufacturer

Closure: practical zipper, preventing the hulls from falling out

We send the pillowcase generously filled with buckwheat hulls, you can adjust the firmness of the pillow by subtracting some of the hulls to create a pillow perfect for your needs 

Linen in natural color is not dyed. The shade depends on the conditions in which the flowers grew so it might slightly differ in different parts of the material.