noren curtain | light gray


Linen noren curtains made of 100% stonewashed linen. Noren are traditional Japanese curtains, which can be hung in the entrance doors, hallways inside the room, or windows. In addition to the decorative function, noren also have a practical use. They can serve as material partitions used to separate the room and provide privacy in the open space. Linen noren curtains are characterized by simple construction and a long cut in the middle, which allows you to easily pass through the door, while maintaining privacy inside the room. The unique texture of the linen fabric ensures free air circulation, and the soft stonewashed linen makes the curtains exceptionally breathable.

The curtains have a rod pocket, so they are easy to mount on the curtain rod. The width of the rod pocket can be customized freely.

Top finishing: rod pocket

– the total length is the length of the base of the curtain

– the rod pocket is included in the length

Shrinkage: Stonewashed linen is a pre-shrunk fabric. Keeping in mind the washing instructions attached to the curtains, possible shrinkage that may occur is 3-5%. However, due to the fact that every washing machine is different, we do not recommend ordering with precision to every centimeter when it comes to curtains made from 100% linen. We always recommend adding a margin of about 10 cm to the length of the curtain.