linen pillowcase with ties | gray stripes


Linen pillowcase with ties made of 100% stonewashed linen, which makes it very soft and gentle. This airy fabric allows the skin to breathe and ensures a feeling of freshness.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the linen pillowcase stays fresh for longer. Additionally, linen shows anti-allergic properties, does not cause irritation, and does not cause allergies – that is why it is recommended for the delicate skin of children and allergy sufferers. Owners of long hair will appreciate the antistatic properties of linen, which prevent static from accumulating in the hair after a night spent on a linen pillowcase. Compared to other fabrics, linen is not only extremely breathable but also has high moisture absorption. Throughout the night, our skin not only breathes but remains dry to the touch, which consequently affects the condition of our complexion.

Linen pillowcases are also distinguished by high durability – with every wash they are even softer and more delicate, they keep their form and do not stretch, and with the passing of time their aesthetic value increases.

In our linen duvet covers, the stripes on the fabric are horizontal. For pillowcases, the stripes are vertical. On request, we can sew pillowcases with horizontal stripes – please add a note with this information to the order.

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