linen crib organizer | eucalyptus green


Linen crib organizer for storing diapers, rattles, pacifiers, and other necessary things that every parent wants to have at hand. The organizer is made of 100% linen with increased heavy weight – 280 g/m2 and its back wall is additionally reinforced with fiseline to keep it in shape.

The organizer has three pockets – one larger and two smaller ones, ending with an elastic band, as well as practical ties that allow the organizer to be attached to the bars of the crib.

– width 50 cm,

– height 33 cm.

The organizer is easy to keep clean. You can easily wash it in the household washing machine. Due to its properties, linen is a friendly fabric for the little ones – it is natural, anti-allergic, and also has antistatic properties – the fabric does not get electrified and therefore does not attract dust..