braided linen headband | pure white


Boho linen braided headband, made as a part of zero waste project in so linen! Our hair accessories are made from pieces of fabric that are left in our workshop after sewing curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths and all our other products.

Size: one size – fits every head because of the elastic in the back 🙂

Our linen headbands delicately pull back your hair, keeping them away from your face. They don’t leave creases in your hair. Thanks to antistatic properties of linen, headband made from 100% stonewashed linen prevents your hair from picking up static. The fabric is breathable and doesn’t cause excessive sweating even on hot days. It is easy to keep the headband clean, you can just throw it in the washing machine and wash it according to the washing instructions added to our products. Our braided linen headband is a perfect beach accessory and it is a great addition to everyday outfits. You can also use it during at home facials and other beauty rituals.

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