Easter table full of linen or how to decorate a table in a natural way

Easter – the time of long, family discussions, spiritual enrichment, memories of our grandmas and uncles but also the time of a festive breakfast sealed with Easter basket. A custom of the Easter breakfast has religious background. Eating together in a family atmosphere has symbolical meaning and emphasises how important it is to share a meal. We converse together in our families – laughing and commemorating the old times – sitting over a hot, aromatic sour soup, fluffy cake, pile of eggs covered with a cloud of mayonnaise and a bowl of vegetable salad. A table becomes the centre of the Easter celebration. No surprise that we pay so much attention to it, even before the first guests arrive. After all a beautiful service, delicious dishes and a care for details can increase our appetites! (photo: @agnetahome)  


Ears recently harvested from fields and spring flowers, which have just bloomed, are the most beautiful decoration for the Easter table. Red weeds, herb roses and cloves majestically look at served dishes, from the centre of the table. The decoration would be perfected with cuckoo flower seeded on a cotton wool, a lamb shape cake and soya candles with a delicate and fresh scent of cotton.

t’s interesting that in some regions of Africa people decorate their tables with leaves of banana tree, and in Armenia a natural decoration is a… home baked bread, prepared together by the whole invited family.


When we decorate the table we can’t forget about colourful accents – table clothes, table runners and napkins, which will colour our dinning room.

The first ones serve as elegant decoration during ‘festive meetings’ as well as everyday colourful addition to your kitchen or dining room. Linen tablecloths , proposed in natural, toned colours, will perfectly compose with white tableware, green flowers, pussy willows in vase and place mats in bright, contrasting colours. Very minimalistic in their form, our tablecloths create great range of possibilities. They would suit traditional lady of the house as well as crazy experimenter who enchants the kitchen like the best chef creating dishes.