Linen gifts for Easter – check out our natural ideas

In Australia children get chocolate Easter eggs hidden by their parents in rooms’ corners. In Germany gifts are inspired by Christmas presents put under a Christmas tree. According to German tradition the Easter bunny hops merrily around and brings a basket full of presents for hosts and guests. Not a long time ago this custom came to Poland and we started to bestow our closest ones with symbolic presents. Apart from ‘knocking’ with eggs, sowing the cuckoo flower and boiling Easter eggs in onions we bestow each other with hearty gifts. We say that these presents are given by the Easter bunny. But in fact, we all are Easter bunnies – willing to bestow others with smiles, emotions and surprising gifts. When you chose presents listen to your closest ones – be open to their needs and see what do they miss. Small nuances and details are very precious inspiration that could be used during this day. But if you don’t have any particular idea you can look at our propositions below.  


A curtain tie-back which will keep unruly curtains in check could be such a small gift. Thanks to it, sun will freely shine through living room’s or bedroom’s windows, waking up everybody and providing energy from the beginning of a day. A table runner could be a similar, minimalistic gift. It would perfectly decorate Easter table. We prepared darker table runners for owners of rather industrial interiors and also some lighter ones for enthusiasts of Scandinavian white interiors.

You can add your favourite chocolate with almonds, lavender balm or a voucher for a relaxing massage after a stressful day of work, to your gift.

Wrap your present in grey paper, tie it with natural twine ribbon, attach handwritten greeting-card with wishes of calm, family meetings. You can always ask us for help with this element – we will decorate your presents for your beloved ones.


Young parents during the Easter Breakfast live all the things like ‘for the first time’.

If you want to give to child what is the best for them and show them some real Easter magic, you can bestow their parents with crib skirts or crib bedding which are made with delicate, subtle weaving.

A romantic frill can decorate a place for rest at your home. It would enhance feeling of safety and help to create a genuine oasis of relaxation. In this place your child will dream most beautiful dreams and listen to the first books read by parents. White frill would fulfil a Scandinavian twins’ room, a pink one would be loved by a future princess of a great castle, and dark-grey would evoke an image of a sky for a future astronaut. The frills would perfectly compose with f.e. baby grows with Easter eggs painted on them or with a book inspired by Easter heroes.


How miraculous would it be to become a genie out of a golden lamp who just knows the greatest dreams and wishes of its owner. But in reality, despite big efforts and sincere readiness, we are not able to read someone’s thoughts and guess what would be an ideal present for this person.

This is when a gift card becomes the safest, the most universal and at the same time the most accurate present.

Give it to your Friend and make sure that She will buy herself perfectly matching linen bedding of her dreams. Your Mother in Law will finally change curtains in her living room and your beloved Mum will get delicate and sustainable towels for her freshly redecorated bathroom.