Linen decorations for Women’s Day – wrap yourself in softness of the linen

Year 1909. February. That was a moment when Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time. A year later it became a constant date of international calendar. The idea was born in the U.S.A. when the Socialist Party of America decided to honour women who had bravely fought for their rights to decent work and honest pay. Not a long time later this special day was celebrated all over Europe and finally also in Poland. Interestingly, the newest historical research and discoveries prove that even in the ancient Rome a prototype of modern Women’s Day was celebrated, with women’s fertility, empathy and maternal skills praised. Despite the fact that the origins of modern Women’s day sound a bit different, one thing hasn’t changed since that time – gifts which give us smile, make us happy and move our hearts. Though it used to be a men’s thing to bestow women, nowadays also sisters, girl friends and cousins give each other presents. Yes, we think that it’s good to spend this day together – have a long conversation, go shopping, have an aromatic cup of coffee with some cake. Nevertheless we would like to show you some linen decorations – inspirations, which wrapped in decorative paper can be astonishing presents and pleasant addition to your meetings.  


Some people say that one of the greatest pleasures is … to lie in a freshly washed or brand new bedding. Pleasant, flowery scent of a washing powder and delicacy of the fabric is one of those ‘everyday small pleasures’ which should be appreciated every time. This is why a high quality linen bedding is such a universal and classy idea for a gift.

Linen fibre is not only ecological (which should be appreciated by nature admirers), but also good for your health. First of all we have to mention it’s endurance and sustainability, which makes it last for years. Because linen bedding doesn’t stretch and wipe, it remains colourful for many long, chilly nights and hot, summer days.

Photo by @minimaliving and @karolina.tamtutaj. In the photo: white linen duvet cover with coconut buttons

Thanks to a wide palette of natural colours our bedding can perfect a bright, Scandinavian bedroom (inspired by northern, minimalistic interiors) as well as manly bedroom with some industrial, raw additions. The set can be finished with a blanket which will protect the bedding from paws of your pet, which jumps on the bed during your absence and also from dust naturally drifting in room’s air.


Linen tablecloths for women who love to organize social meetings or for homemakers who welcome family at their table on holidays. Our tablecloths are perfect for daily held lunches in the company of the closest family but also for romantic dinners – just the two of you. Their naturalness and original weaving will delight amateurs of eco-decorations and also fans of small but impressive additions.

Photo by @ms_baika. In the photo linen ruffled tablecloth.

Impression will be perfected by linen kitchen towels, spread on your knees and placemats, put under plates. Those presents are ideal for homemakers, classic home-birds and for masters of kitchen who consider a chatty and full of laughter dining room as a heart of their house.


Ethereal, mesh-like, half-transparent, like in Jane Austen’s novel. Extraordinarily romantic, referring to bucolic, English style.

Weightless linen sheer curtains in pure white.

A curtain made of linen muslin will go perfectly with raw wood, old furniture, as well as minimalist, bright interiors, based on warm beige, pastel and green. Perfect for large windows that open onto a garden or a small balcony, decorated with fresh flowers and herbs. An ideal gift for women looking for unique, original, sophisticated and classic elements in the interior. For the one of us who appreciates details, delicacy, and at the same time is a master of various textures and the belief that “less is more”.