What can you make from linen? One plant – a multitude of uses!

What can you make from linen?

Linen has extraordinary, magical and valuable properties, which were already appreciated before our era. The rulers of ancient Egypt used flax in trade, buying grain with it for the entire civilization. The clergy decorated the temples with linen sheets, and the Queens slept under linen canopies.

  Today, despite the passage of thousands of years, flax is still an extremely valuable plant, which we can find both in our wardrobe, as well as in the kitchen, pantry or on drugstore shelves. For inspiration and to give away all the, most important properties of the plant, we will try to summarize together what you can make with flax!  


What can you make from linen? Flax seeds has been shown to have health-promoting properties. The reason for this popularity is of course the very composition of the plant, which contains mucilaginous compounds, proteins, sterols, organic acids, enzymes and mineral salts. The leading product that doctors and nutritionists recommend is the flaxseed oil that everyone knows. It has a huge amount of saturated acids, phytosterols and vitamin E.

In the context of the medical use of flax, we must not forget about flaxseed, which is one of the oldest ways to treat peptic ulcer disease. The seeds, which are filled with mucus, have the ability to coat the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, creating a natural protection against inflammation and interfering stomach acid. Few people remember that flax was once a cough suppressant that was used to treat bronchitis.

Additionally, both the oil and the seeds treat dermatological and endocrine disorders – including accelerating epidermal regeneration and lowering blood sugar levels.

linen muslin napkin
natural linen muslin napkin


What can you make from linen? Linen is an excellent natural material, regularly involved in the production of clothing and home accessories. Weve already featured a post on the properties of linen fabrics on our blog, so well just briefly remind you of their most important values.

When creating linen tablecloths, linen turbans or linen bedsheets we appreciate them above all for their hygroscopic properties. These give the fabric the ability to absorb moisture or bind with water. This magical ability reduces the feeling of foulness, regulates skin temperature and allows air to freely exchange from inside and outside the fabric. So in the end we get a material that warms us in the cold winter and cools us in the hot summer.

Another great advantage is the easy care. As a reminder: linen fabrics can be washed, ironed and dried without worry preferably in the open air, after hanging on a balcony string. The durability of the fabric and its gradual softening under regular use makes linen clothes and linen towels even softer. Allergy sufferers and toddlers, whose skin requires the greatest care, will certainly benefit from this property.

terry linen towels


What can you make from linen? What do we get from flax seeds? Of course, cosmetics, the composition of which is very often based on natural and precious ingredients. The beauty industry is increasingly turning to ingredients from the planet as the most effective, safest and gentle way to take care of our daily skin.

Flax, having already mentioned properties and health-promoting components, ideally complements the care of dehydrated, dry skin or skin prone to allergic changes. The mucilage compounds contained in it are readily used in soothing, calming and protecting treatments of the natural hydro-lipid coat. It is for this reason that it is recommended for people with atopic dermatitis or sudden dryness that is difficult to overcome.

All this will be complemented by antioxidants and phytohormones, which delay the skin aging process, showing anti-wrinkle properties. For this reason, flax-based composition can be found in creams, masks, lotions and soaps.

Not so long ago, we featured a post on our blog about hair care that can take advantage of the precious properties of flaxseed. In this post, we give you a tasty recipe for a homemade hair mask and tell you the secrets of oiling your hair. You can read the exact proportions and instructions here: How can flaxseed take care of your hair?

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