How to survive hot weather? Discover our practical linen tips!

how to survive hot weather

Summer is considered one of the most beautiful and optimistic seasons of the year. This is when we drink colourful drinks based on ice, taste sweet fruit, walk on fresh, green grass and go to the most beautiful regions in the world. Summer is sun, safe sunbathing, a long-awaited vacation, the smell of harvest and… heat that foreshadows storms. So how do you survive hot weather? We have the impression that from year to year Polish summer brings higher and higher temperatures. While we love walking along narrow streets and the smell of the sea breeze, the heat does not always benefit our health and well-being. According to research, high temperature is one of the main factors of aggression, so in order to cool down these negative emotions a bit, we share with you our techniques for dealing with the summer months.  


One of the simplest answers to the question How to survive hot weather is – water. In addition to the obvious thirst quenching, it has a regulatory function. This means that it has the ability to carry nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Staying hydrated from the inside not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also improves the digestive process and affects our well-being. So if we feel tired, hungry or have recurring migraines, it may be because we don’t have enough fluid.

Lack of water on hot days is manifested by increased thirst, irritation, insomnia, skin allergies, and in extreme cases even poisoning the body. Hypothermia, i.e. overheating of the body (which is extremely dangerous and requires hospitalisation) is most often the fault of not replenishing the fluids necessary for life.

how to survive hot weather
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Ultimately, the cause of all these unpleasant experiences is not only the sun, but also artificial materials such as polyester. No wonder then that more and more social campaigns call for a prudent analysis of the composition of the clothes bought, pointing to the most valuable and safest materials. At the top of this list is, of course, indispensable linen.


The feeling of staleness, tight skin and the release of additional heat are the faults of, among others. unsuitable materials. Apart from the natural ones – such as linen – there are also synthetic materials (e.g. viscose) and artificial materials (e.g. polyester). In the case of high temperatures, the first group is particularly valuable, as it shows high hygroscopicity and desirable airiness. It is thanks to these features that the skin can breathe freely, and the material itself drains moisture, preventing the body from overheating. Therefore, when looking for an answer to the question of how to survive hot weather, we suggest – invest in natural textiles in your wardrobe and at home!

What’s more, according to our slogan – summer is the season for linen – linen materials can be used in the form of linen duvet covers, linen blanket or whole linen sets. The use of such a light material will guarantee a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep during high summer temperatures. We have already written about why it is worth choosing linen bedding on our blog. If you have not read this post yet – we invite you to read it.

how to survive hot weather


The permeability properties depend on the density. The higher the thread count of the fabric, the worse the permeability – and thus the so-called crimp. To put it simply – it is the ratio of the difference between the weave, the number of warp and weft threads, the thickness of the threads and the manufacturing technique to the apparent length of the wavy thread in the fabric. In this respect, linen shows high permeability, thanks to which it not only allows free air circulation under the fabric layer, but also minimizes the risk of electrostatic charges accumulation. Thus, linen bedding will never become electrified, and a linen tablecloth will not “electrocute us” when we walked on the carpet earlier.

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Ultimately, linen will not replace air conditioning, but instead will give us another, extremely valuable property: it will protect the skin from the sun, overheating and inappropriate adaptation processes. These are the features that we will appreciate during holidays, hiking, hot nights and hot days, when we want to protect the interior with linen sheer curtains and curtains. We often write about the cooling properties of linen on our Instagram.

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