Best bedding for the summer months – our tips for you!

Which bedding to choose for summer?
As polish columnist , Agata Passent, writes – “I got used to the fact that my bed is my universe (…)”. This is how many of us perceive a comfortable mattress, freshly washed linen with a lavender scent, duvet wrapping the body on winter nights and pleasant coolness on a summer evening. Peaceful sleep in your own bed is an extremely important value that we long for and that makes us think of a well-known saying – “there’s no place like home”. No wonder then that the choice of bedding is an extremely important element, often indicating a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. Anyone ,who ever experienced the discomfort caused by a polyester quilt that picks up static, knows the value of comfortable, soft and, especially in summertime, airy fabric. Which bedding to choose for the summer? We decided to help you in making this important choice.  


Which bedding to choose for the summer? Of course, the first and most important step is to choose the right material. Among the best textiles for hot summer nights, linen, seersucker and silk stand out. Due to its origin and low hygroscopicity, polyester, polyamide and acrylic are not recommended.

Jaką pościel wybrać na lato?

The linen mentioned in the first group is distinguished primarily by its airiness, which really creates a feeling of coolness. In addition, linen bedding absorbs moisture and dries quickly without being damaged by the use of detergents. So it is a perfect option for lovers of hanging out the sheets in a gentle breeze, which adds a unique, natural scent. In addition, linen has anti-allergic properties – mainly due to its resistance to dust and mites.

An alternative to linen is seersucker and silk. The first one does not require starching, and its high durability allows for many years of use. The second – it gently wraps the body and is synonymous with luxury, but can exceed the home budget. In addition, linen has anti-allergic properties – mainly due to its resistance to dust and mites.


Which bedding to choose for the summer? The quality of the material and the thread count often determine the quality of the sheets or pillowcases. These parameters are especially important if we dream of many years of using mellow and long lasting bedding. After all, it is there that we eat the most delicious, romantic breakfasts and watch the best crime series.

By “thread count” we mean the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of the produced fabric. The higher the thread count, the thicker the fabric is woven. What’s important, with high-quality fibers, lower thread count may be sufficient, so it is good to take into account the type of material used in the description of the thread count The type of the weave is the third quality indicator – in the case of linen bedding, the simplest, plain weave is used, due to the high durability and delicacy of the plant used

Jaką pościel wybrać na lato?


When choosing bedding for the summer, we should first of all ask ourselves what determines our comfortable sleep. Each sleep lover appreciates different values. For one, a firm mattress will be the most important, and the other cannot imagine sleep without a slight twilight, which is brightened by a small bedside lamp.

Jaką pościel wybrać na lato?

Which bedding to choose for the summer? Believing that summer bedding should be airy, cooling and highly hygroscopic, we should avoid artificial or synthetic fabrics. Due to the type of weave and the method of obtaining, they do not allow air to pass through, creating a barrier between the skin and the external environment. This barrier disrupts proper thermoregulation, which makes us feel stale and, ultimately, causes restless, interrupted sleep.

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