Linen bedding for the summer? Is this a good choice? See the colours of linen recommended by us

linen bedding for summer
The time of hot mornings, when the sun slips through the glass panes, is coming. We put away thick sweaters in the corner, and from the bottom of the wardrobe we take out glasses, straw hats and light materials that let the warm wind through. When changing the decor of the bedroom, many people wonder if linen is a good choice for summer. Spring and summer are the seasons of sunny, warm days and windless nights. Next to standing fans, which soothe with their cool breeze, we choose natural materials and drink a lot of water to hydrate the body and moisturise our skin from the inside. In today’s post, we will try to prove that linen bedding is a perfect solution for summer – it will make the hot months pleasant, thus ensuring comfort and uninterrupted sleep.


Linen bedding for the summer – what are the advantages? We have already written about the advantages of linen on our blog, which is why we will only briefly remind you why linen material is considered an excellent alternative to cotton or silk.

The reason is undoubtedly the history itself, which presents linen as the oldest material in the world. This one, already known from ancient records, served as a decoration at that time, as well as a currency, thanks to which whole civilisations could obtain the food necessary for life. Over time, linen has become synonymous with elegance and luxury – mainly thanks to its ecological cultivation, hygroscopicity and impressive durability.

All these properties can also be found in linen bedding, which, due to its permeability and lightness, allows the discharge of carbon dioxide. This is one of the reasons why our body temperature is regulated, ensuring a pleasant coolness in summer and embracing warmth in winter.

Our hashtag for this SUMMER is #LINENNIGHTS with linen bedding!

We promise that #LINENNIGHTS are

  • cool and comfortable nights
  • nights without waking up from the heat
  • nights without getting up, wanting to take a shower as soon as possible
  • a pleasant feeling of coolness on your skin
  • feeling of fresh skin
  • nights during which your skin breathes and you wake up refreshed

The linen fabric (and therefore your linen linen for summer also) has an open weave (it looks like mesh against the light) – thanks to this, linen provides the skin with thermal comfort and good air permeability at the same time.

Sheets, blankets and duvet covers made of linen are also an excellent choice for allergy sufferers who react extremely reactive to e.g. artificial materials or dyes used in mass production. All this is due to the so-called antistatic and bacteriostatic properties. The latter were used hundreds of years ago, e.g. to dress wounds, thus replacing plasters and bandages.

Linen bedding light grey

The linen bedding for the summer itself gains softness and elasticity with each wash, thanks to which it will provide us a mantling for many, long years. The result is a fast-drying, soft fabric that allows you to sleep well and uninterrupted – despite the high temperatures outside.

stonewashed linen bedding


Bed is a place where we watch our beloved series, enjoy a warm breakfast with aromatic coffee, read Scandinavian crime novels and dream after an intense day.

Therefore, in addition to functionality and the above-mentioned properties, we cannot forget about extremely important aesthetics. Bright colours will perfectly complement the lit, spacious room, filled with white panels, fragrant flowers and wooden decorations.The charcoal set will contrast with beige or grey, and the natural shadeshade of linen will be perfectly brought out by a wicker lamp or a wooden shelf. Daring, feminine dusty pink will add a bit of lightness and romance to the bedroom, and light grey will complement the room with unforced elegance and freshness. We promise that after the first night you will find out that linen for the summer was a good choice!

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