Boho wedding! Textiles? Bet on linen! Natural inspiration with linen in the leading role

JAs Euripides wrote: “Nature is everything, and the education to transform the bad into the good is educated in vain. It’s no wonder that nature has been inspiring creatives, artists and couples for thousands of years who want to make a declaration of love. Following on from a series of wedding posts intended to serve as inspiration for all future wives and husbands, we have put together a handful of tips to help you use linen in the form of accessories and gifts for your loved ones. We hope to prove to you that linen and boho style are not only decorations, but also small, unobtrusive accents that complete a beautiful wedding. We already let you know that you will soon read more about the decoration of the wedding hall in our blog. Boho Wedding Textiles Go to the First Fire!  


Boho style has infiltrated the interior design, our wardrobe and the wedding halls, which are filled with colours and omnipresent nature. Its main objective is to re-create the original bohemian. . . Bulk Australian surfers who hit waves on their boards. The easiest way to illustrate this style is to paint a picture of a hippie in an idyllic field arrangement.

In the eyes of many of us is bohochic lace, a golden wheat field, plaits covered with wreaths and a long maxi dress with geometric patterns. It is noteworthy that the peak of its popularity was only recently reached, in 2004, thanks to a model named Kate Moss. Since then, the Boho has not deviated from the pedestal of trends, which will surely delight lovers of rustic decoration, the nature around us and the subtle elements reminiscent of water nymphs, russals and elves.

Linen is a natural fabric that is extracted according to the spirit of zero waste, and fits perfectly to the boho style. No wonder we like to use it on our wedding carpet and in the sacramental “yes” word. Boho Wedding Textiles – the choice falls most often on linen!

Photo from the June issue of Wedding magazine – a photo shoot with the use of linen textiles


The outdoor wedding enjoys unbroken popularity and is an excellent alternative to shrines or standard wedding halls. The soft, warm light of the setting sun, the scent of wet grass, the sound of birds from the nearby grove and the garlands of lights around the pavilion create a magical space – ideal for eternal love.

Outdoor fits perfectly with the boho style. So if you’re planning a wedding celebration in the spirit of a hippie thought, consider the wedding ceremony in a wooden pavilion surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery that the planet gives us. Next to field flowers and lanterns, in front of the wedding arch, you have created, you will set up wooden chairs with flowers and cushions in linen pillowcases. Don’t forget the small linen pillow, on which are engraved golden wedding rings with the date of the wedding.


At the table we toast one of the most important days of our lives, enjoy a wedding cake with a creamy favourite flavor, taste delicious dishes with hot broth at the top, chat with the loved ones and remember the most beautiful family moments.

No wonder we pay particular attention to the compilation of dishes, bouquets that stand proudly in the middle of the table (boho wedding textiles) napkins with embroidered patterns, and small gifts that have been created for the invited guests. Thus, a tablecloth with volant will lend a romantic and fairy-tale character, while a simple one will echo the minimalist visions of an intimate wedding. The color dusty pink will highlight the wooden walls, the tea roses in the glass vases, and the white accessories in the form of plates with ribbing. The charcoal is complemented by a raw, industrial interior decorated with brick walls, ivy, and wooden feet on the shrill ceiling. Read more about these inspirations and the use of flax in the wedding hall in the predicted post.

photo @agnethahome

An alternative to tablecloths is linen napkins with the initials of the future spouse. You will spice up the Swedish table with cream cheesecake, paper-based apple pie, and chocolate muffins with sugar sprinkles. Don’t forget the linen towels waiting for guests in the restaurant’s bathroom. Models with an embroidered date, name, or thanks become real icing on the cake.

Finally, we would like to thank our family and friends for being here by placing natural gifts next to the plates. Cosmetics (e. g. bath salts) based on rose petals, linen, or lavender leaves as well as a basket full of natural delicacies such as sausage, linseed oil, or handmade herbal blends can fulfill this requirement.

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