Linen curtains for the summer – is linen in the window a good idea for the summer months?

lniane zaslony na lato

Linen curtains for the summer – is that a good idea? How many of you have been woken up by the sun bursting through the clouds, or who of you have ever struggled with the glaring rays that have interfered with your computer work? While the sun is a pleasant source of energy after a cold winter, after a few weeks of heat it becomes an unbearable companion every day. Therefore, in addition to air conditioning systems, windmills, and frequent showers, linen curtains can also help us, whose properties we appreciate especially in the hot months. As a lover of sunshine and the carefree aura of the holiday months, we will introduce you to some of the benefits of linen curtains that make the coming months pleasant and warm, instead of being irritating and restless.  


Let’s start from the beginning, so with a high strength that is almost twice as strong as the strength of solid wool. Thanks to this longevity, linen tablecloths, curtains, and linen kitchen cloths do not remain interrupted, torn, or punctured when they are frequently washed or spread out in the hot sun. Therefore, linen curtains for summer combine aesthetic benefits with functionality, and regular washing and use of the fabric increases its softness and suppleness. We have already reported more about the properties of flax on our blog, so we recommend that you visit the old post on this topic here.


Bright, Scandinavian interiors based on simple solutions and minimalist decorations, as well as rigorous industrial spaces inspired by New York suites – this is just the beginning of an iceberg of all styles. Although they are based on different forms, they have certain characteristics and principles. That’s why the versatility of the accessories is so important – including the mentioned curtains or linen curtains.

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And so linen curtains with curtain tape are extremely minimalist and modest in their shape. The natural shade highlights the rich, versatile rooms beautifully, while pure white makes a classic, elegant bedroom shine. An alternative to them is linen curtains with a tunnel or with bags. The former decorate wooden curtain rods in boho style, while the latter give the guest rooms a subtle, girly touch.

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For lovers of slightly richer decorations, e. g. in modern interiors or Hollywood glamour arrangements, linen curtains with mane and linen curtains with ruffles have been created. Their interesting decoration on the curtain rod or on the floor catches the eye and becomes a decoration in itself. The seemingly simple, monochrome shapes become the icing on the cake for light panels, ornamental furniture, wicker armchairs, and linen bedding that smells like your favorite vanilla detergent.

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To answer the question we asked in the title: linen curtains for summer? Of course, I did! Linen curtains create a limit to harmful UV rays and create a natural and safe protective barrier for our bodies. The retained sunrays do not penetrate the interior and thus do not increase the indoor temperature, and the penetrating air and the pleasant coolness create an ideal place to rest.

Ultimately, linen curtains allow you to relax with your favorite book and freshly squeezed orange juice, reducing the feeling of breathlessness and “heavy, thick” air.

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Finally, the translucent fabric provides diffuse light and gives the room a pleasant, warm shine. Our linen curtains for the summer are light and completely darkened, so that the rooms are not overstretched, dark and optically reduced. The linen decoration can therefore be used by the owners of large, spacious lofts as well as small, cozy studio apartments in the old structure.

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