Roman blinds and curtains – which to choose for your window?

linen roman blind

Not too long ago we added a new product to our offer – roman blinds made of linen. Working on them was very time-consuming, it required a lot of testing and searching for suppliers that met our original objectives. After many weeks of searching and creating, we have created a product that we are proud of and that has expanded the range of linen decorations that we can hang on our windows.

Which, among all available options to choose – linen roman blinds or curtains? What is the difference between the new Raffroll blinds made of linen and the curtains that have long been our (and yours) bestseller?


Roman blinds and curtains? We have often reported about linen curtains in our blog. Therefore, in the summary, we highlight its most important characteristics, which you will appreciate throughout the year.

Our linen curtains hug the windows and soften the sun rays. Their different finish and opacity make it possible to create a variety of effects both gently and strongly darkening. The result is that the subtle surface combines functionality and aesthetics so valuable when it comes to arranging our dream apartment or our cozy cottage on the outskirts of town. Each curtain available is made of 100% linen and gives us properties such as thermoregulation, being anti-static, and anti-allergic. Thanks to these properties, the curtains do not attract dust, are easy to care for, provide free air circulation, and do not electrify. Their unique, natural structure and lightly draped texture complement our interiors wonderfully whether we choose a minimalist, Scandinavian bedroom or a rich glamorous living room.

Currently in our offer you can find:

  • heavy Linen curtains characterized by the thickest weight and the firmer shape ideal if you want to give your rooms some coziness, warmth and intimacy,
  • medium linen curtains gently translucent, with medium light transmittance. They bring harmony to the interior, provide sunlight and at the same time protect against the gaze of curious neighbors.
  • linen muslin curtains light, airy, with their formula they are reminiscent of curtains in country houses or interiors inspired by romantic English manors,
  • rustic linen curtains rustic linen, with its texture they are most reminiscent of raw linen, ideal for simple interiors that tie in with the beauty of nature.
curtain for a kid's room
tab top grey stripes curtains


Roman blinds and curtains? We sew linen roman blinds to size so that narrow windows in family houses, as well as tall windows in tenements, will benefit from their charm. Their universal design makes it possible to mount them in any interior – living room, bedroom, office, children’s room, and kitchen.

In contrast to curtains, the degree of darkening of the roman blinds is adjusted by mechanisms that allow the pleats of fabric to be raised or lowered. In addition, canvas blinds do not need to be draped (unlike curtains) to give an aesthetic and interesting effect. Both rolled up and completely lowered, they spray us with their simple and minimalist aesthetic.

A great advantage of roman blinds is their easy and fast maintenance. To refresh them, simply remove the fabric from the rack and then wash it in the washing machine at home. You will find a detailed description of the care on the slip attached to your order.

Currently in our offer you can find:

  • heavy linen roman blinds heavy, darkening, ideal for installation in the bedroom with windows facing east,
  • medium linen roman blinds  airy, semi-permeable, softening the incoming light,
  • rustic linen roman blinds  raw, following the boho arrangements we can see in rural wooden houses or mountain huts.

Roman blinds are also an ideal proposal for parents or owners of furry, four-legged friends. The shorter shape reduces the risk that the small hands or wet noses of Burek, Sonja or Garfield will touch the blind.

linen roman blinds for a bedroom
linen roman blind in charcoal

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