Linen for summer or how to use chilling properties of the linen at home and on vacation

The linen is irreplaceable in summer! And as today’s high temperatures don’t ease off, it’s important to remember how the linen can keep comfortable chill inside our houses. It’s a well known fact that during hot days and nights staying in an unconditioned room becomes unbearable. However there are a few easy and natural solutions which can be used to change your house into an oasis of chill in the midst of uncomfortable heat. 


Maybe they are not such a big deal, but thanks to them you can bring some cold comfort into your apartment. Linen curtains will keep part of sunbeams outside and at the same time they won’t restrict completely the natural light that sneaks into your room. This effect is achieved because of the characteristic mesh-like texture of linen textile. This is the feature that also provides a necessary air circulation.

If you chose our linen curtains, your apartment will still look fresh and summery and what is more, you will have the exact amount of light that you need inside the room. Linen curtains will protect your space from scorching, august sun. Another great characteristic of the curtains made of linen is their unique look, which evokes an amazing image of the sea climate when the textile is moved by a summer breeze.


A mesh-like texture makes the linen for a summer an exceptionally airy fabric. The linen has thermoregulatory features and thanks to them it provides – in comparison to other fabrics, even natural ones – better comfort during summer waves of heat. Those chilling features makes the linen not only a perfect fabric for summer shirts and dresses, but also ‘must have’ in your bedroom.

Photos by @milionrazy. In the photo: linen duvet cover with tie closure and linen ruffled pillowcase.

The main advantage of the linen bedding is how it comforts our warmed skin in summer with it’s soothing chill. Thanks to the special kind of weaving, the linen bedding sustains better air circulation. This makes our skin breathe during sleep and allows us to sleep deeper and calmer. If you choose the linen for summer: linen sheets, linen duvet covers and linen pillowcases you will fall asleep much easier and won’t wake up in the middle of a night because of overheating and a constant need of uncovering yourself.


Another ‘must have’ for summer are linen towels. Light, thin, fast drying and not taking much of a space in a suitcase, they have been appreciated by backpackers who pay attention to the weight of their backpack.

Photo by JAMKOLEKTYW. In the photo: summer linen towel in natural colour.

Additionally linen towels are not only skin friendly (linen’s been recommended for delicate skin of children and allergic skin because of it’s anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic features) but first of all eco-friendly – they are 100% natural and fully biodegradable and, thanks to exceptional durability of linen fibre, will serve much longer than other towels.

* * *

Linen fabric has many great characteristics that make it perfect for summer. That’s why we fully consciously state that linen is irreplaceable in summer and we promise that you will feel it’s chilling factor on your own skin if you surround yourself with it in your living room (linen curtains) , bedroom (linen bedding) , or during smaller or bigger vacation trips (linen towels).