Autumn pink linen – dusty pink in the lead role

bedding for autumn

For both lovers of autumn vibes and those who are looking for ways to make this cooler and more gloomy period a little pleasant, we suggest choosing colours that will enrich the space of our home. Remember that autumn is not only about browns and oranges. The autumn palette of shades is a never-ending story – it refers to the colours of the earth and the world of nature, which linen fabrics are also a gift. We will advise you on how to use linen accessories in your autumn interior.

How to introduce an autumn aura in our home with the use of natural linen fabric?

If you want to introduce autumn shades and refresh the decor of your homes, you only need a few basic changes. For example, you can replace the curtains with a slightly warmer colour (we recommend, for example, a model with a single frill in the colour of natural linen)), throw a delicate and soft blanket on a bed or sofa (here a light linen blanket, for example in a shade of dusty pink will work best), or replace pillowcases (go crazy with frills, we promise – they warm the interior and improve the mood), and on the dining room table it is worth putting a beautiful linen tablecloth. There are many options, and the main goal is to introduce a warmer atmosphere and a little friendly, mood-enhancing colour.

From the left, photos by Marta Wojtasik, Margo Hupert and Kasia.

Linen for fall? Why not!

Many people wonder whether linen, recommended mainly for summer, will be a good material in the autumn and winter period? Yes of course! Thanks to its magical properties, linen is an all-year-round fabric, and the choice of natural linen colours gives us a greater field of action and we do not have to give up using this material in our interiors when summer is over.

Just as the weather outside our window changes, so do the properties of linen that we can use depending on the season. Linen cools in the summer, while in the autumn and winter period it keeps us warm, and its structure allows air to flow freely while maintaining the proper temperature of our body.

Dusty pink – our choice for fall

For us, the colour of the coming fall is definitely dusty pink. “Dusty pink” is associated with romanticism, family warmth and a cozy atmosphere. It is also one of the shades that appear on the leaves of trees, changing colour with the arrival of the new season.

Linen curtains or bedding in this colour will definitely warm the interior of our home and improve our mood. It is worth knowing that the dusty pink linen accessories are a must have used in autumn sessions by stylists and architects Natural or dyed linen? You don’t have to worry about losing the valuable properties of linen when choosing a colour. Stonewashed linen is dyed with natural dyes, so it remains healthy, hypoallergenic and… beautiful!   Do you have any questions? Contact us!