Why linen tablecloths are worth choosing?

Why are linen tablecloths worth choosing? When creating meals for our loved ones, in addition to warm cheesecake with crumble, soup based on fresh vegetables and homemade lemonade, we carefully select table decorations and tableware. Embroidered linen napkins, freshly picked flowers in a glass jug and elegant ivory tableware go perfectly with the natural tablecloth hanging freely from the corner of the table. Linen tablecloths were created for family dinners, meetings with friends, celebrations, anniversaries and quiet weekends.  


Why are linen tablecloths worth choosing? Classic tablecloths with a border are a perfect match for minimalist accessories – from glasses to white tableware and chrome cutlery. An alternative for them are linen ruffled tablecloths, which through their delicate form evoke the boho style. Their smooth, natural weave combines unforced subtlety with elegance and immortal classic. A tablecloth in natural linen colour will perfectly match a sweet breakfast and a dinner, where the main role is played by a jute string, field plants and a ceramic vase. Graphite shades are the perfect companion of romantic dinners with aromatic pasta, warm candlelight and crystal glasses. The fourth option is dusty pink, which is used at outdoor parties – along with colourful drinks with ice and a bowl full of fresh, seasonal fruit.

Linen table runner


Why are linen tablecloths worth choosing? On our blog we have mentioned many times that linen is an extremely durable fabric that can withstand high temperatures, scorching sun and the effects of chemical detergents. Any hostess, who has so far struggled with unraveling tablecloths, discolouration and tedious ironing, will find out about these valuable properties.

As a result, our tablecloth will endure many hardships and challenges set before it by a cooking lover, a true master of social meetings, a mother inviting her child’s friends and a romantic cook who prepares spectacular dishes for her beloved. Therefore, if a guest spills roast sauce or raspberry tea, we do not have to worry about the resulting, persistent dirt, and the sun’s rays that reach the garden dinner will not damage the fiber structure.

Linen table runner, tablecloths and napkins can withstand summer meetings on the terrace, frequent dinners for two, all family gatherings and lonely attempts to prepare the best meringue.


Why are linen tablecloths worth choosing? Linen is an unusual fabric that repays for frequent use. The more we take the linen tablecloths out of the wardrobe, giving them a chance to “breathe”, the softer and more durable the fabric becomes. In result, water and natural starch nourish the fibers of the linen, thanks to which it is more pleasant to the touch, serving us for many, long years.

Therefore, it is not recommended to keep linen tablecloths in airtight foil bags or vacuum bags. Infrequent use and washing weaken the fibers and the fabric becomes brittle. Therefore, it is worth using linen tablecloths for every possible occasion – from everyday family breakfasts to special dinners.

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